Personnel Experience

Understanding customer and employee perspectives is critical to delivering a great experience both inside and outside the business. We help dealers gather unbiased perspectives that inform critical decisions and the development of business strategies.

Customer Gauge Groups

Knowing what customers think about your business, how well you meet their needs, what differentiates you and where you might fall short are important data points. The challenge is getting customers to share openly and honestly with you directly. Our method and skilled facilitation takes an unbiased and inquisitive approach that engages customers in sharing honest opinions while respectfully challenging points of view. Through this effort, we bridge the gap in helping you and your customers understand each other better.

Employee Gauge Groups

Many organizations are measuring employee engagement yet fall short in taking action based on employee perceptions and insights. As a skilled unbiased third party, we provide clarity on what matters most to your employees and gather ideas on meaningful actions. 

We can work with your existing engagement survey process or help navigate through the available tools and support implementation, data analysis, follow-up communication strategies, and action planning to drive engagement.