Business Performance

Operational excellence is one of the three critical focus areas for any business. The other two being product excellence and customer experience. We engage our dealer partners to streamline processes and install tools that identify business opportunities and increase efficiency, effectiveness and exceed customer expectations.

Labor Performance

Labor Performance is the foundation for how we manage time within our service departments and directly correlates with service profitability.

  • Learn how to measure Labor Performance and how to set your business systems up properly to accurately account for “time hours of inventory” within the service department
  • Help technicians develop a better understanding of how they can positively impact Labor Performance
  • Employees learn the value of strong relationships between all departments to ensure long term mutual success.

Standard Job Pricing

To give the organization a competitive advantage in the marketplace, we help your employees understand the customer’s expectations and value your dealership delivers. We help establish the ability to provide consistent quotation in line with what a customer views as a worthwhile investment in servicing and maintaining their equipment. 

Our partnership with Codify Works provides a complete solution to enabling standard job pricing and the efficient execution of the business process.

As a sister company, we work closely with Codify Works to address the change, leadership and communication skills or the service department to save time and improve the accuracy of quoting the customer.

Specialty Tool Management

Helping dealers save time and money through the efficient and effective management of specialty tools. Through our partnership with Toolsguard, we help you:

  • Inventory all your existing tools to eliminate redundancy and ensure proper future tool investment and inventories are maintained
  • Organize your tool room and consumables that support your dealer service department operations in a way that minimizes the time required for Service Technicians to find and get back to work
  • Provide the training needed to engage your employees in ongoing use and management of specialty tools

Process Review / Mapping

Central to any operational change is the need to analyze and define how work gets done, the flow of information and defining key roles and responsibilities of those accountable for executing the work. Through a series of facilitated workshops we will help you:

  • Define, document and catalog your processes in a format most appropriate for you
  • Make decisions to streamline steps
  • Identify how existing systems and tools need to be modified or used to support efficient execution of each phase
  • Understand the interdependencies of one process to another

Business Strategy

As the first step in restructuring your organization, we do the work to define each piece of the business and their relationship with each other. This drives a clear and aligned actionable strategic plan.

Our 5-step process we will help you:

  • Analyze the business environment
  • Clarify or create the organizations strategic intent, mission and vision
  • Identify the interrelationships and conflicts between departments
  • Establish the critical few strategic priorities and measure of success
  • Assign owners and establish preliminary plans
  • Examine your governance process to determine the most effective means of managing the business

Business Metrics

Are you measuring the results of the work performed by your employees with the right metrics and numbers? Are you having difficulty holding employees accountable? We can help identify the correct measures and behaviors in managers, supervisors, and employees that lead to department and organizational profitability.

Central Process Implementation

The ability to achieve performance targets and ensure a positive customer experience consistently across the organization is dependent on the execution of centralized processes and their implementation. We help you determine which processes can and should be centralized, develop a plan for execution and help train your staff on the new way of operating. But it goes beyond just employee training, you customers need to be trained as well. We’ll help create the plan, messages, and events that guide the education of customers on how changes in the business are for their benefit.

Integrated Solutions and mainstreaming

Are you struggling with mainstreaming IS? Is your IS function truly integrated with your business? Do you view engaged acres as a true measure of integrated behavior? If not, we can help shift the paradigm and drive integration through parts, service, and sales.

Aftermarket Budgets

Rather than simply adding a percentage to last year’s numbers, we help you analyze your goals and translate them into real dollars for accountability for spend and revenue generations. Budgets help define degrees of decisions making as well as acting as the foundation for accountability with leaders, managers and supervisors.